Eye Fashion Optics

Eye Fashion started in Egypt as a small company with big ideas and vision, but it quickly grew to become a phenomenon that society finds its various classes, especially celebrities and businessmen, can get the choice they deserve at good prices with the highest levels of service.

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Special Services Offered

  • Contact Lenses
  • Eye Testing
  • Sports Vision Glasses
  • Vision Care Consultation
  • Other

Current Brands Stocked

  • Bentley
  • Cavallo Bianco
  • Blauer
  • Baldini Occhiali
  • Cogan
  • Zilli
  • West
  • Conino Lamborghini
  • Tavat
  • Mira Flex
  • Ital Lenti
  • Exalt Cycle


59 Abbas Alakkad Street Naser City, Cairo, Egypt

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Abbas Al-Akkad, 59 Abbas Al-Akkad St Nasr City, Egypt

Muhie Alden St, 114 Muhie Alden St - Al-Muhandsen, Egypt

Concord Plaza Mall - Southern 90th Street - New Cairo, Egypt

City Stars Mall - 3rd Floor - store N316, Egypt

Marriot Hotel -16 Al-Jazeera St Al-Zamalek, Egypt