Lunettes Du Jura

“Lunette” is the French word for glasses, and “Jura” is the origin of the word “Jurassic”, the name of a place straddling the border between France and Switzerland. The Jura region is the center of production of eyeglasses in Europe. We are the glasses representative of the Jura region.

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Special Services Offered

  • Contact Lenses
  • Eye Testing
  • Sports Vision Glasses
  • Vision Care Consultation
  • Other

Current Brands Stocked

  • Traction Productions
  • J. F. Rey
  • BOZ
  • Face A Face
  • Xavier Derome
  • Francis Klein
  • Lucas De Stael
  • XIT
  • Theo
  • Hoet
  • Komorebi Eyewear
  • Henau
  • Reiz Germany
  • ic! Berlin
  • Mykita
  • Frost
  • Herrlight
  • OrGreen
  • Kobo Itsuki
  • Gamine
  • Nina Mur


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